Gregor Buchhaus / Kollektiv Fischka
Gregor Buchhaus / Kollektiv Fischka
Gregor Buchhaus / Kollektiv Fischka


Guided Tour

Learning Journey Co-Making and Co-Producing

Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

29.9.2015, 9am–5pm

With the agenda of organizing its education program as platform for reciprocal exchange and active participation, the LEARNING JOURNEY of the Vienna Business Agency, Creative Center departure led the way to various, locally producing creative studios. In the Werksalon (Vienna’s first co-making space for handicraft), the Atelierwerkstatt (Letter press) and the Schneiderhof (open studio for fashion and photography) visitors could scrutinize creative processes and try things out themselves hands on. In short: learning in the best sense of the word. In alignment with the idea competition Crafted in Vienna, the tour this year addressed the themes of co-making and co-producing.