Christine Wurnig /  Kollektiv Fischka
Christine Wurnig /  Kollektiv Fischka
Christine Wurnig /  Kollektiv Fischka
Eszter Bircsak

Stadtarbeit – City Work


New Local

REPLYtoALL und Microgiants


Cooking together means communicating together. In different workshops the Stadtarbeit project NEW LOCAL gazed deep into the cooking (and melting!) pots of various cultures. In the Caritas Community Cooking kitchen, a room of living communication, participants could discover not only gastronomic but also above all interpersonal recipes for a respectful mode of living in the community. From carrot jam with cardamom to seasonal damson jam – as diverse as the results and ingredients, as similar were the preparations. Cooking recipes and migration data were noted down furthermore in the form of a wonderfully visualized book. People who have found a new home in Vienna present their favorite recipes in it.