Kramar / Kollektiv Fischka
Kramar / Kollektiv Fischka
Kramar / Kollektiv Fischka
Hertha Hurnaus



Stage for Art and Design

Wiener Stadthalle


In 2015, the premium section of the Vienna Stadthalle was remodeled by Christa Stürzlinger for the Eurovision Song Contest and for two evenings it was opened to the public for the first time. The architect was responsible not only for the wall design inspired by the stone relief in the entrance hall but also for the adapted light and spatial concept; the design expert Christof Stein of Lichterloh was the guide in a tour through the remodeled interiors. The event arena was conceived in the mid-twentieth century as an innovative building after plans by Roland Rainer. Austrian interior features like his stacked chairs and cloakrooms and the iconic tapestry by Herbert Boeckl were now endowed an entirely new glamour.