Kramar / Kollektiv Fischka
Kramar / Kollektiv Fischka
Kramar / Kollektiv Fischka
Stephanie Hornig



Stephanie Hornig (AT/UK) with Robert Roth/Wiener Geflecht

Robert Roth/Wiener Geflecht, Stephanie Hornig (AT)


As it were en passant, the Passionswege projects always offer opportunities of discovering a new portion of Vienna – in this case the suburb of Oberlaa. Robert Roth has committed himself entirely to the expert restoration of special Viennese wickerwork, the traditional Wiener Geflecht, and in the trained architect’s small, idyllically located workshop, Wiener Geflecht met concepts by Stephanie Hornig, an Austrian designer living in London. For her objects of product and fashion design, she took up the hand-made wickerwork that since the Biedermeier era was widely propagated by Michael Thonet. Together, they experimented as well on the development of three-dimensional structures; using frames made of flexible materials like leather and textile, Hornig highlighted the qualities of wickerwork that the public themselves were also able to experience in intimate workshops.