Kollektiv Fischka

Anniversary Program #tenyears




What would a birthday party be without a photo album? Selecting the best-of from the last ten years, the Vienna Kollektiv Fischka devised a photographic review of the birth and development of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK – a first decade that was also a double occasion for celebration.
Because: Ten years of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK also means ten years of Kollektiv Fischka. Nick Albert, Gregor Buchhaus, Andreas Jakwerth, Kramar, Peter Kubelka, Marcell Nimführ, Florian Rainer, Petra Rautenstrauch, Bernhard Wolf, and Christine Wurnig showed ten pictures and ten stories from more than 1,000 events. And one thing was clear: People forgave us for being a little bit
sentimental about all the wonderful memories we share …