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Spazio Pulpo, breadedEscalope, chmara.rosinke, Patrick Rampelotto, Klemens Schillinger


The inner courtyard gallery for contemporary and experimental design, which is as absolutely loveable as it is almost magic, showed picturesque design on the third floor. With its second thematic collective exhibition, the initiators collective of Spazio Pulpo set up a curatorial parenthesis under the aegis of going against the grain – thus, with the goal of representing design per definition quite
differently from what it has been before. This year’s edition was as charming as
ever, alluded to the novel “À rebours” by Joris-Karl Huysmans, and showed
designs by breadedEscalope, chmara.rosinke and Patrick Rampelotto, also a guest contribution by Klemens Schillinger. An advancement that’s always well worth it!