Viktoria Schmid




Diagonale – Festival des österreichischen Films, VIENNA DESIGN OFFICE


In the heart of the inner city, designer Lena Gold and David Tavcar join forces with the filmmakers Johann Lurf and Viktoria Schmid to adapt a former cinema interior into a dreamily sensuous “light play” wonder cabinet. The focus of the show is the cinema itself – its ways of functioning, its magic. While the transition to digital projection has long been accomplished, the iconography of the analogue cinema theater has endured down to this day: the buzz and rattle of the projector, the light clustered into a beam, which first unfolds the entirety of its magic on the screen, the auditorium as location of the “being singular plural” (Jean-Luc Nancy), the cinema as dispositive. And analogue objects themselves confront digital projection in this installation, first set into movement by light. “Reduce to the max” is the leitmotif here of an exhilarating treatment of cinema, design, and architecture. Welcome to the first “light play” theater (as the cinema was first called “Lichtspiel” in German) – in the very literal sense of the word.

with friendly support from J. & L. Lobmeyr

Tue 4.10. 5pm–9pm
Wed 5.10. 5pm–9pm
Thu 6.10. 5pm–9pm