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MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Institute of Design Research Vienna

4.10.2016, 7pm–10pm

Presented by an experienced trio of design institutions, the question addressed in the Columned Hall in the MAK was of how design can contribute to maximizing the integration and work potentials of refugees. The “Social
Furniture Collection” by EOOS – their contribution to the Architecture Biennale in
Venice – from a Caritas asylum quarter was set up for this purpose in the museum. Anyone who wanted drinks, snacks, or a haircut was given vouchers in return for a donation. Because: “There’s no money in Utopia.” Of the 18 types of furniture EOOS designed for do-it-yourself construction made of loud yellow
plywood, several are being knocked together in Haus Erdberg as communal
furniture for kitchen, bathroom, and table tennis room.
Moreover, the location for a get-together on this evening was the stall of A Wiener, halal!: Sausage tradition meets halal preparation.