MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art


To find something, to come across something – expressed by the Latin verb
invenire, which also gives us the word invent or inventory. The show curated by Edelbert Köb also represents an architectural discovery zone to that effect: After thirty years, architect Adolf Krischanitz made a comprehensive inventory of his interiors for the first time, showed originals, models, drawings, plans, and photos. His objects – including chairs and couches, tables, and lamps – are always allotted a concrete constructional task, thus part of a spatial organization and management of an interior.
By the way, there was also quite a lot to discover in the very first inventory of the
wide-ranging furniture created by Adolf Krischanitz – it was presented here on the occasion of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. The show made one thing clear:
Krischanitz is one of the best designers in the land!