Anniversary Program #tenyears





The Vienna Tourist Board was delighted to receive an international visit, and in
multiple ways. The visit – on one hand by the skylines of Vienna, New York, and
Moscow, and on the other by the designer Maxim Velčovský – was reciprocated with a humorous shadow play, standing simultaneously for Austrian traditional glass handicraft and for neighborly cooperation with the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Guest Country the Czech Republic. Placed in front of a light source and
composed of parts of chandeliers and drinking glasses from the J. & L. Lobmeyr
workshop, the CITY SHADES showed the silhouettes of three cities that are home to impressive works by the Viennese glass manufacturer.
The first CITY SHADES go back to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2008, when Velčovský embarked on a Passionswege project together with the old-established Viennese enterprise of J. & L. Lobmeyr whereby he oriented his
approach on the principles of the magic lantern and shadow theater. So the saying applies in the positive sense, too: What goes around comes around.