MICHAL STRACH (CZ) with Werk­Stadt Philipp Cibulka

Michal Strach, Werk-Stadt Philipp Cibulka, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK


Master carpenter meets dollhouse scenery concepts.
In Philipp Cibulka’s charismatic workshop the installation of the young Czech
designer Michal Strach transported passers-by to a trip through abstract interiors
and unconventional miniature rooms. What particularly united the carpenter Cibulka and the graduate of the Prague university UMPRUM, was their similar attitude to work: the pragmatic passion for the combination of beautiful material, good planning, and optimal finishing.
No wonder it was easy to apply these maxims to gaily colorful, pastel wood sets in a location where Cibulka otherwise saws, hammers, and screws individual bespoke furniture.