Petra Rautenstrauch / Kollektiv Fischka
Petra Rautenstrauch / Kollektiv Fischka
Petra Rautenstrauch / Kollektiv Fischka




Erwin K. Bauer, Manuel Radde, Roland Stieger, Anna Liska, Andreas Reiter Raabe

8.10.2016, 1pm–3.30pm

After lunch was prior to afternoon reading. Looking towards the book’s concrete
application potential, the Swiss graphic designer Roland Stieger (TGG Hafen
Senn Stieger) and Vitus Weh (Curator and author) talked about the development of the erstwhile queen of communication media. As the afternoon progressed, the focus was first and foremost on the cooperation between book designers with architects and artists. Speaking as representatives of the bibliophile squad among the architects were Günter Katherl (Caramel Architekten) and Michael
Obrist (feld72) with Christian Kühn (Architecture critic). The second part fell to Anna Liska (Atelier Liska Wesle), Manuel Radde (Graphic designer), Andreas Reiter-Raabe (Artist and curator), and Martha Stutteregger (Typographer).
Among the things they worked on most were the analogue qualities of the book, which, despite the digital media, are more in demand today than ever before.