Marcell Nimführ / Kollektiv Fischka
Marcell Nimführ / Kollektiv Fischka
Marcell Nimführ / Kollektiv Fischka




Erwin K. Bauer, Oliver Kartak, Veronika Egger

8.10.2016, 4pm–6pm

“In Anführungszeichen: Glanz und Elend der Political Correctness” is the title of a book by Thomas Edlinger and Matthias Dusini published by Suhrkamp. It provides case examples from politics, art, and culture – thus, also the basis for their insightful keynote. By means of inclusive design, designers today pursue in equal measure the aim of supporting all people – regardless of handicap – and
letting them participate in society as equals. Aims which in their extreme form we occasionally feel today to be a challenge that is often not very practicable. Discussing those challenges, barriers, and opportunities of inclusive design were Edlinger and Dusini, Oliver Kartak (University of Applied Arts Vienna) and information designer Veronika Egger (designforall), before curator and anchorman Erwin K. Bauer summed up the intensive day in his usual good-humored manner.