rENs (NL) with Neon Kunze

rENs, Neon Kunze


… and then there was neon light – and what light! The production technique of neon was acclaimed first of all with a fervent “Wow”, and not only from the Dutch design duo rENs. The visitors to the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, too, certainly wowed at the illuminated attraction in the 5th district. The firm of Neon Kunze, now 150 years old, is the last in Vienna to produce the stand-alone advertising
medium in a backyard on Wehrgasse. (Nearly) everything is from family hand here, from tube design to assembly.
So, nothing would have stopped junior and senior boss from coming to the
company presentation jointly held with the conceptual Passionswege project by
rENs. They focused here on creating new nuances of color and light effects, experimenting with and preparing U-shaped neon tubes, which generated new and unusual light scenarios in the primary color of red. “Neon is just beautiful,” said Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren.
And they were proved right.