STUDIO ES (At) with Wolfgang Schön Kunstanstalt für Kupferdruck

Studio Es, Wolfgang Schön Kunstanstalt für Kupferdruck, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK


It really was beautiful! Everyone who entered the Artistic Institute for opperplate
Printing, established in 1922, also took a step back into the past. Because time seems to have stood still in a place where printed matter is produced with manual copperplate printing. Wolfgang Schön – an original Viennese personality and passionate craftsman – is one of the last of his kind, printing as in the era of Albrecht Dürer: He hand-engraves copperplates, heats printing ink over a gas flame, cleans templates with chalk, and prepares pre-softened paper with a hand roller. The resulting classical motifs of copperplate printing were coupled with a contemporary imagery by the graphic designers Verena Panholzer and David Einwaller of Studio Es – their offset plates confronting Schön with a minor challenge. For him, it was the very first time he had printed in this technique. The collages and projected animations permeated the workshop, fused new and old together, opened doors to imagined worlds. Schön – beautiful, more beautiful, most-Es-t beautiful!