Patrizia Gapp / Kollektiv Fischka
Patrizia Gapp / Kollektiv Fischka
Patrizia Gapp / Kollektiv Fischka

Industrial Design + Mobility



Rosenbauer, Spirit Design

30.9.2016, 9am–4pm

The PANTHER – a vehicle out of a science-fiction film or Lego Technic kit. So, no wonder it was paraded for a day as an imposing eyecatcher and selfie magnet in front of Vienna’s Central Station. In keeping with its motto “Faster. Stronger. Safer.” the airport fire engine with the man-high tires and designed by spirit design is justifiably regarded as the most innovative in the world.
In a joint viewing session and subsequent presentation in Hotel Schani, Rosen-bauer and spirit design explained and illustrated what challenges had to be overcome between producer and the design studio, and how to achieve
extinguishing technology, safety, easy of use, and performance. Let’s have much
more of this!