Paul Bauer


Children's Workshop

THE URBAN FUTURE. THINKING_FORWARD_, Children’s workshop vertical farming

Technisches Museum Wien mit österreichischer Mediathek

9.10.2016, 11am

The city is indubitably the human environment of the future. Cities take up only two percent of the globe’s surface but accommodate around half of the world’s population – and by 2050 more than two thirds, even. How do we want to live in these cities in future? As part of the exhibition, the photographic lab Kreta – photo lab and urban lab – invites people between October 6 and 9 to be photographed as city dwellers. Daniel Podmirse (vfi – vertical farm institute) performs research on food production in the city. The horizontal is what we want, not the vertical. A workshop for the whole family designs models of a farm of the future.

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