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Guided Tour

TOUR 1: VIENNA DESIGN WEEK in the inner city design district

Gabriela Steiner-Scharfetter

1.10.2016, 10am–12pm

The inner city of Vienna is a design district through and through: this is where tradition meets innovation and old-established production techniques meet contemporarydesign ideas. The stops on the guided walk show projects from the Passionswege and give participants in-depth insights into innovatory collaborations between traditional handicraft concerns and designers from all over the world. They share knowledge in open work processes and put this into practice as new installations, graphic design concepts, or works of furniture. On the waythrough the inner city the tour stops at galleries and exhibition rooms as well as Viennese businesses and shops – ranging from glass and chandelier production to porcelain manufacture and the long-established Viennese petit-point tradition …

Meeting point 15 minutes before start

If necessary, please bring a valid public transport ticket/own bike

German/English if needed

Maximum of 20 persons per tour