Peter Oroszlany

Stadtarbeit – City Work



Cosima Terrasse, Veronika Hackl, Andrea Visotschnig


Wanna bet? Conceived with minute attention to detail, moderated with a fine touch: The social design intervention ADMIRABEL, which focuses on creative betting combined with immaterial benefits, was awarded the Erste Bank’s ExtraVALUE Design Award in recognition of its excellent qualities. “Without moralizing, the designers guide the audience and provide incentives to act as empathetically as possible. Thanks to their similarity to actual betting offices, which are driven by commercial concerns, and at typical locations, the project successfully addresses a large audience and sensitizes them to the theme,” as the jury put it. In a temporarily empty betting office in Vienna’s 15th district, the audience was asked what they were willing to provide as a stake other than money. The goal was to create contact between individuals. And it was a success!