Kollektiv Fischka




Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

4.10.2017, 6.30pm

The 15th is an upcoming Viennese urban district. While increasing numbers of young enterprises from design and architecture are setting up here, there are quite a few established concerns and agencies that are also based in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. Much that is new is cropping up, and has done in recent years, particularly in and around Reindorfgasse. It is probably partly the favorable rents, otherwise the proximity to the center, and excellent transport infrastructure that are causing people to be interested in the district. More and more restaurants are opening, and it seems that the district, which historically was even regarded as a high-class suburb, is slowly being kissed awake from its Briar Rose sleep and is being discovered, most of all by young people. Moderated by Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör (Vienna Business Agency, director of the creative center departure), the local studios and agencies NOUS, mischer’traxler studio, Kieran Fraser Landscape Design, and Lichtwitz Leinfellner visuelle Kultur KG revealed what they like about Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.