Alexander Schuppich


Guided Tour

Guided tour “How Do You Create an Exhibition?”

Technisches Museum Wien mit österreichischer Mediathek

1.10.2017, 2pm

How do we want to live in the future? How do we want to organize our cities? And to whom will the city belong? As part of the exhibition THE URBAN FUTURE, the Technical Museum Vienna is showing projects that aim to rethink the city. What new forms of housing make urban densification not only bearable but also offer a better quality of life? How does the city grow with the great diversity of people and continue developing? In a workshop, Sibylle Bader (Wanderklasse) tackles the topics of urban design (planning). The Stadtarbeit project TISCHLEIN DECK DICH and Community Cooking (Caritas) offer people the chance of cooking together and sharing knowledge. The architect Anna Popelka (PPAG architects) talks about new forms of home living and densification in the urban space and along with the curator Elisabeth Limbeck-Lilienau acts as guide through the exhibition.