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3.10.2017, 5pm

How can art be experienced without looking at it? How can visual content be translated into an audio and tactile experience? And in general: How might inclusive design in museums look in the future? NOUS presented an award-winning example, the joint project Eye to Ear, which focuses on the cultural participation of blind and visually impaired individuals by means of abstracted sound design, verbal descriptions of images and tactile interaction on an iPad. By swiping, typing or scrolling, descriptive or transmuted audio information about sections of images or entire artworks was reproduced, depending on the mode. The result was a sensuous and intuitive art experience! A discussion moderated by Luise Reitstätter (University of Applied Arts Vienna) included Verena Blöchl and Katharina-Anna Götzendorfer (Eye to Ear), Nadja Al-Masri-Gutternig (Salzburg Museum), Linda Miesen (Studio Tactile), Heidrun Schulze (ScienceCenter-Netzwerk), and Max Arends (NOUS).