Katharina Eisenköck



Katharina Eisenköck with Petz Hornmanufaktur

Petz Hornmanufaktur, Katharina Eisenköck, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK


A village in the city. An enchanted horn manufactory in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus’ Nobilegasse. The workshop, founded in 1862, is accessed through an ivy-covered courtyard. It’s filled with the unique smell of horn, and magically sparkling dust fills the air. This place seems to belong to a bygone era. However, what Austrian designer Katharina Eisenköck, based in London, and manufactory owner Thomas Petz have jointly created seems in no way anachronistic. On the contrary: Finely curving, minimalistic and precisely draped lamps of brass, wood and horn that are inspired by the individual steps in which a classic comb is made seamlessly yield to the nostalgic setting thanks to their warm light, entirely embodying the sustained connection of traditional and innovative created according to the idea of Passionswege.