Ruth Mateus-Berr

Stadtarbeit – City Work


LEBENSWELTEN - Workshops “INI PART– What Moves Me?“

Dementia. Arts. Society. – D.A.S.


This artistic intervention allows participants to take a new look at themselves. What are the things that make us forget time and space? Passions and interests become visible when filling the tree of potentials, which will be provided for each participant. Links between people with and without dementia become comprehensible. Maybe, there are similar or even new kinds of interest that participants wish to put into action together? Additional appointments can be arranged. Workshop with Cornelia Bast.

Sun 1.10., 10am–12pm, Tue 3.10., 10am–12pm, Wed 4.10., 10am–12pm+6pm–8pm, Fri. 6.10., 4pm–6pm