Matthias Lehner



Matthias Lehner with Hegenbart Kupferschmiede

Hegenbart Kupferschmiede, Matthias Lehner, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK


Roman Hegenbart, master coppersmith and a member of the fourth generation to run his family’s long-established company, is familiar with all metalworking methods. You could even call him Iron Man. Hegenbart’s motto: “Anything goes!” And he was backed up by the Passionswege project with the Munich designer Matthias Lehner. In the beginning was the hammer’s blow, an experiment with notches, the idea of combining two incompatible materials. And voilà! Beginning with the applications of copper in tableware design, the externally plain basement workshop ultimately produced a finely welded and wrought service of a carafe, tray and cups. A product with a golden nose, and an experience that literally welded together the designer and the master coppersmith.