George Popescu

Studio Illustration



Sorina Vazelina

2.10.2017, 11am–8pm

Ten Days
Ten Designers
Ten Posters

Today in the studio: Sorina Vazelina

The experiment kicks off on the evening of the opening. All visitors are given tags at the entrance, which are then pinned on ten empty posters. On each of the following festival days, designers from Austria, the Guest Country Romania, and Germany create an illustration based on these tags. Their inspiration: the three most unusual tags under their name. Their workplace: the freely accessible studio in the Festival Headquarters. For ten days, visitors can peep over the shoulders of the working artists and follow the creative process. At the same time, more and more finished posters adorn the walls. A growing gallery! What tags were allotted to whom? What terms did the visitors combine? And how did the illustrators react to them? There will be a fitting finissage to celebrate it all on day number ten.

Curator: Erwin K. Bauer