Spirit Design




Spirit Design

5.10.2017, 5pm

Spirit Design ensures that design is being rethought and expanded – all the way to Brazil. Because there, the Austrian innovation enterprise is at present enjoying success with the sustainability project Atmove. This originated in the idea of supporting farmers in emerging markets with small tractors. Central component of the project is the transport and work vehicle CH4PA. It is a prime example of how sustainable innovation can function: Spirit Design is working in a pilot region together with the largest hydroelectric power station in the world (Itaipú), the TU Wien, and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna on a system innovation that makes local smallholding farmers into fuel suppliers by processing manure and waste from agriculture. This reduces fuel costs by 50 percent and CO2 emissions by 97 percent. Supported by the Vienna Business Agency and the Austrian Development Agency. Talk by Georg Wagner.