Caroline Heider



Talk “Reproduction”


6.10.2017, 5pm

In the WIENER WERKSTÄTTE series the artist Caroline Heider reproduces and adapts fashion photos from the twenties that the Wiener Werkstätte once commissioned from Dora Kallmus, alias Madame d’Ora, and Arthur Benda. Heider intervenes in the picture arrangement by subtracting parts of the photocopy from the field of view and cutting through individual sections of the printed rice paper, then reassembling them in a new arrangement. The total picture takes shape only with the help of the missing part of the original view. The artist also used Wiener Werkstätte motifs from the MAK archive for designing the exhibition space with potato printing. Talk on 6.10. and cocktail afterwards with Günter Schönberger (Bildrecht) and Caroline Heider.

Exhibition until 13.10.