A limousine appears at the roadside and occupies several of the contested parking lots at once. It is a representative for the luxury of appropriating public (parking) space, it opens up and celebrates possibilities. Together with car-lovers as well as haters, the project team wants to discuss the car in the city: Sports car versus minivan? Parking in the vacant shop downstairs? How sustainable is the car ride to the organic food store? The new subway is stealing my parking space – where should I park, I just have to buy milk? Five hours’ ride by public transport to visit grandma? Drive-in cinema, mixtapes, caraoke, and much more transform the parked stretch limousine, as an exaggeration of a car, into a real-life laboratory offering much more than homemade lemonade.

Stadtarbeit – City Work



Lene Benz, Adrian Judt, Susanne Mariacher, Helene Schauer


When strolling, running, or driving down Burggasse, it couldn’t be missed. The pink stretch limousine was too flashy, and passersby were too worked up by the chutzpah that had monopolized this location, which provided enough room for several hotly contested parking spaces. With a multifarious accompanying program of car-aoke, a cocktail, a drive-in, mixtapes, and a car-radio broadcast of a talk. The long eyecatcher became a parked living lab for ten days where more than just lemonade was pressed. The project AUF ’NE LIMO invited both enthusiasts and skeptics to think about what’s expected of public space and cars in the city. And the visit of a school class, whose children all fit into the limo, made it obvious that the space taken up by the limo was used in an efficient way.