Urban Food & Design

Guided Tour


Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

3.10.2018, 3pm

What we expect of food and how it’s consumed, which is becoming increasingly personal, requires innovative concepts from the fields of design and gastronomy. This involves the desire for special taste experiences, various characteristic cultural or ethnic forms of eating, or food allergies, which are receiving more and more attention. What answers can creatives find for these challenges? How will new locations be defined, not only for products, but also new social structures, local color, and communication of instructions on how to act? The departure Tour, put on in cooperation with the DNA Club, focused on new forms of table culture and hospitality. Examples were discussed on location by the Weitsicht Cobenzl project and its initiators.


With: Christiane Bertolini, Katha Häckel-Schinkinger, Martin Rohla, chmara.rosinke,

REALARCHITEKTUR, mostlikely, and Lohberger