Klaus Vyhnalek

Urban Food & Design



Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

5.10.2018, 8pm

As the main course of the Urban Food & Design format, the Vienna Business Agency, in cooperation with the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the designers chosen in the Urban Food & Design open call, served up on the festival’s Friday a multicourse culinary multiple-stage theater that involved new kinds of foods and types of consumption. From the impressive table in the basement to the greeting comprising lichen preparations and Teresa Berger’s amuse-gueules to the edible dessert Neubau: Everything here revolved around food, its presentation, and creative answers to relevant questions, including about the future. What role will taste and hearing playing in the consumption of food? What do lichens taste like, and how are they prepared? What role does setting play? In which direction is tableware developing? And how does a common meal work in the digital reality? All stations represented invitations to interact and sample. Bon appetit!


The Urban Food & Design departure Challenge was tendered in the runup to the festival by the Vienna Business Agency together with the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.