Virtual & Augmented Reality





A road trip through new worlds, a virtual test drive was provided by the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK’s mobility partner of many years: In a virtual reality corner set up for this purpose, PEUGEOT invited guests to take a look at the PEUGEOT 508 sedan from a 360° perspective. What set it apart? Features and scenarios that otherwise couldn’t be tested due to weather or light conditions were demonstrated here in virtual reality – during the day or at night, in the rain or when the sun’s shining, in the country or the city. As a partner with its finger on the pulse of current trends, PEUGEOT also ensured punctual arrival at the desired destination: On both of the Festival’s Saturdays, the PEUGEOT shuttle service transported visitors to three stops around the Focus District, Neubau. Punctuality was necessary due to the Festival team’s tight schedule. The e-bikes from the Peugeot Design Lab and the vehicles provided were the preferred vehicles of choice by far, and with good reason.