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Spazio Pulpo


Spazio Pulpo will be remembered on two accounts: First, there’s the fact that the showroom in its courtyard has long been a place to be, a location for experimentally conceived design and lively celebrations (known to many as Negroni paradise). It was without question a high-density center for design where central players in Austria’s scene put on well-planned exhibitions year after year. Along with a guest contribution from the studio Celia-Hannes, the founding collective (Klemens Schillinger, Patrick Rampelotto, chmara.rosinke, and breadedEscalope) dealt in this year’s last group show with endings that are also beginnings, with sweeping change – from kimono to tape-wrapped chair, from dynamo lamp to barrier post. One thing’s certain: While the last group show might have been a farewell to the legendary joint exhibitions, it won’t be the last you’ll see of the individual protagonists. And so: See you soon, you guys!