N. Zimmermann / K. Smeeing

Urban Food & Design

Food in Progress


Namuun Zimmermann, Kevin Smeeing


What does the 7th district taste like? Flavor, memory, and stories are factors that connect us as individuals. The objective of EDIBLE NEUBAU is to bring together participants of different backgrounds to jointly create an alternative edible architectural model of the district. The German designer Namuun Zimmermann and the Dutch designer Kevin Smeeing invite visitors to develop a new form of table culture in light of local circumstances. Because in times of increasing polarization, it’s important to celebrate the cultural diversity in a city like Vienna. Accordingly, a playful combination of flavors and ingredients should be regarded as a medium that encourages dialogue. Each day, a new Neubau dessert variation will be created, and then gobbled up.

Workshops: Fri 28.9.+Sat 29.9.+Sun 30.9.+Sat 6.10.+Sun 7.10., 3pm–6pm
Limited number of participants
Registration at flavour.collage@gmail.com