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One of the most architecturally exceptional spaces in the Kohlbauer wing of the former Sophienspital was the location of a partly playful, partly extravagantly hung first collection of NEU/ZEUG, a design label for sustainably produced lamps from Upper Austria, a collaboration of the studio Lucy.D’s designers, Barbara Ambrosz and Karin Santorso, and Beate Seckauer, owner of the porcelain manufactory Neuzeughammer. The modular system “Pearls,” which literally strings together design, manufacture, and 3-D printing, enables random combinations of differently colored sockets, canopies, and other elements. The way this mixture of original ingredients (“If I’m going to live in the country, I want to make things that inspire me,” says Ambrosz) and new production methods can be applied was visible on the exhibition space’s walls in the form of current experiments. In all, a true pearl in the Festival Headquarters, and not just because of the series on display!