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5.10.2018, 2pm–6pm

As is well known, private celebrations are events that create lasting memories. Hardly anywhere else do guests come into direct contact with their hosts. With this in mind, the young Austrian label ONE FOR HUNDRED transformed an apartment in an old building on Löwelstraße into a temporary salon and invited guests for an intimate private show on two different days. In addition to its current furniture collection, the ecological brand concept was presented: ONE FOR HUNDRED intends to plant 100 trees for each piece of furniture sold. For two days, the collection was presented in an intimate salon on Löwelstraße. In reference to the anniversary year of Modernism, the label’s founder Anna Prinzhorn also invited two friends, an artist and a fashion designer, to perform in the private areas. In addition to the ONE FOR HUNDRED furniture collection, new works by Alex Ruthner and parts of shooting star Arthur Arbesser’s fashion collection were on show.