Kang Wang




2.10.2018, 5.30pm

Hands-on experience before real-life praxis. As part of their training at Vienna’s SAE Institute, students learn how multimedia productions are planned in terms of content, functioning team structures are created, and projects are realized from start to finish. One example of such a praxis-oriented project is “Prophecy of the Fallen,” a browser game that was conceived, designed, programmed, and published by bachelor students at the SAE Institute under the alias of WingLab Studios. Visually, the web-based action adventure game, in which a number of decisively important elements appear gradually, resembles the 16-bit graphics of Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. However, “Prophecy of the Fallen” is much more varied and complex, placing it in the currently popular hi-bit style. In their talk, the students spoke of the challenges and what they learned, the professional opportunities, story development, and project realization.