STUDIO RYGALIK, Jarosinski & Vaugoin


The birth of a child is certainly one of the most beautiful things in life. While the preparations in both families of this Passionswege duo coinciding with their festival participation wasn’t intended, it proved to be a happy circumstance. It was, however, no accident that Jean-Paul Vaugoin, proprietor of the Vienna silversmith with a long tradition, established in 1847, and the renowned Polish design duo Gosia and Tomek Rygalik made use of this synchronicity as the theme of their joint project and focused on the handing down of methods, traditions, and values like DNA – whether as a family or a company – in its functional series of flatware: a newborn from two festival favorites, brought into the world with the Neubau handicraft company’s time-honored tools. A personal story that can infect visitors with the history of its protagonists.