7.10.2018, 5.30pm

What was true before the Festival still applied after it was over: „In challenging times, when starkly polarized opinions collide, taking a stand and forcefully expressing one’s convictions is of decisive importance.“ Moderated by the writer and journalist Christopher Wurmdobler, engaged individuals involved in various kinds of resistance in a wide variety of fields such as sports, film, and the fine arts talked about how they’ve turned their medium into one of protest – this is how the full-contact sport roller derby provides a safe space where heteronormative categorizations are suspended and intrinsically anchored values are collectively put on display. As sidekicks of the roller derby actors, the Fearleaders do everything in their power to deconstruct models of toxic masculinity with swinging hips, pompoms, and a healthy dose of self-irony. Successfully, which was proven by the preceding dance workshop.



With: Amina Handke (Volkstanz-jetzt!, artist), Anna Jermolaewa (Artist), Andy Pandy (Fearleaders), The Smackretary (Captain of the Vienna Roller Derby Beasts)


Moderation: Christopher Wurmdobler (Author and journalist)