Maciej Blaźniak

Guest Country



Adam Mickiewicz Institut, Polnisches Institut Wien


The multifaceted nature of Poland’s design landscape is well known, and there’s good reason that it received an especial amount of attention as the Guest Country of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. And the diversity in the showcase presentation reflected this fact, which monopolized the attention of viewers in addition to an entire floor of the Festival Headquarters in the former Sophienspital: Effectively a walk-in typesetter’s case that requires concentrated examination, the eight different rooms featured a best-of covering the past century – contemporary designs were juxtaposed with classics and artworks, prototypes and beloved everyday objects. As a commentary on these design icons, the exhibition presented visual interpretations by 25 selected contemporary illustrators and graphic designers from Poland. A respectable overview for the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence, an absolute must-see at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2018!