Mary Maggic






30.9.2019, 8pm

SAVE! EOOS Design presents the revo­lutionary approach of the Urine Trap. The addition of nutrient inputs to natural bodies of water caused by human urine are avoided and can be retrieved as a valuable resource with little effort. This position, which belongs to sustainable design, is confronted at the LAUFEN Innovation Hub with two artworks from the field of Bio Art: While Mary Maggic’s video work “Housewives Making Drugs” shows how molecules for private hor­mone therapy can be extracted from ground­ water, Lucie Strecker’s live performance “Brains Shit for Shit Brains” speculates on the meaning of microbial diversity in sociopolitical contexts. Also on view: ceramic works by ten international artists that were created at the five-week Gmunden ceramics sympo­sium. In the industrial context, they explored techniques and material aesthetics from traditional handicraft to the newest possibili­ties offered by digital design and production. Christine Schwaiger (New Design University (NDU) St. Pölten) relates these works to the sculptures created in the symposiums led by Kurt Ohnsorg in the 1960s.