Kollektiv Fischka/Maria Noisternig
Kollektiv Fischka/Maria Noisternig

Urban Food & Design



Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

4.10.2019, 6pm–8pm

What will the future of food bring? How will our social structure affect our everyday lives as consumers? And who will be left out? Are there products, cycles, or instructions relating to the sourcing, preparation, or consumption of food that can contribute to better cooperation between various demographic groups? And which expectations must be followed to make the production and consumption of rather unfamiliar and CO2 neutral foods attractive for everyone? In a keynote, the future-food expert Hanni Rützler will provide insight into her work as a food-trend researcher and talk about current innovative foods. Afterward, designers and businesspeople will discuss how a future-oriented consumer culture (in Vienna) can be created.

Keynote and moderation: Hanni Rützler (futurefoodstudio, food-trend researcher) Panel with: Martin Rohla (Goodshares, founder and owner), Orlando Lovell (Food designer), Martin Kullik (Co-founder of Steinbeisser), Karin Dobernig (WU Vienna, Institute for Ecological Economics, Research Associate)