Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob
Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob




bkm design working group, dottings Industrial Design, EOOS, Klemens Schillinger, Lucy.D, MARCH GUT, Studio Marco Dessí, Patrycja Domanska Design Practice, Rainer Mutsch, Robert Rüf, Robert Stadler, Studio Barbara Gollackner, Studio Dankl, studio kollektiv plus zwei, studiotut, Thomas Feichtner, Vandasye, Walking-Chair Design Studio


As a creative service, product design involves much more than simple styling. Responsibly designed, sustainably produced everyday items are becoming more important as the borders between the real and virtual worlds are  increasingly fuzzy. The exhibition DESIGN EVERYDAY – DESIGN FOR PRACTICAL USE 2019 puts this strategically important theme in the focus of a presentation and shows the significance of design for practical use as well as the innovation and competitiveness of products, using as examples selected designs by Austrian companies. 

Conceived and curated by Vandasye (Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher), in cooperation with the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. Supported by KAT – Kreativwirtschaft Austria and the Vienna Business Agency, creative center departure. 

On view will be projects by Alexander Gufler, bkm design working group, Celia­-Hannes, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, dottings Industrial Design, EOOS, Florian Puschmann, Frank Rettenbacher, Fritz Pernkopf, Georg Wanker, Klemens Schil­linger, Lucy.D, MARCH GUT, Marco Dessí, Maria Fröhlich, Markus Well, Papier Langackerhäusl, Patrycja Domanska, Philomena Strack, Rainer Mutsch, Robert Rüf, Robert Stadler, Sabrina Höllriegl, Sandra Holzer, Sebastian Leitinger, Silhouette Design Team, Stefan Radinger, Studio Barbara Gollackner, Studio Dankl, studio kollektivpluszwei, studiotut, Thomas Feichtner, Tobias Linus Kestel, Vandasye, Walking Chair Design, und W&R.