Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar
Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar



ERLI GRÜNZWEIL / SUSANNA HOFER with Zinnfigurenoffizin Kovar

at Zinnfigurenoffizin Kovar

Zinnfiguren Kovar, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK



The Passionswege represent a special format per se that asks questions, reveals little­known aspects, and as a result is intended to enable projects far beyond business as usual. Sometimes, ideas that are too particular even for this open playing field are created. For example, the curatorial team of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK was doing research and came across the studio and shop for pewter figures run by Brigitte Kovar. Molded in the traditional way, miniature firefighters, a circus, a market, and of course soldiers are available there. This miniature world of pewter figures requires a great amount of care – for this coop­erative intervention, a documentary, narrative position was chosen, inspired by the photographers Susanna Hofer and Erli Grünzweil, who are known for delicately staged still lives that fluctuate between the concrete and the magical, and also Homo ludens – humans who play at politics, war, hierarchy, and order. The results will be on show in the shop window throughout the entire festival.