Guest Country




Minimalist forms, dealing with nature sensitively, using renewable materials, and an incomparably high sense of quality – it’s no surprise that Finn­ish design has long been world famous. After all, this simple, grounded, and nature­oriented ideology has accompanied and enriched Finns’ lives for centuries, in their living spaces, at universities, in restaurants, and at workplaces – and as a result has also made a significant con­tribution to the country being one of the happi­est in the world. As an atmospherically designed comfortzone for visitors, FINLAND LOUNGE will gather at the Festival Headquarters in the Althan Quartier a selection of carefully selected Finnish brands to provide a stylistically appropri­ate venue for relaxing, discussion, and meeting friends (or possibly even working a little). On view will be designs from Adea, Arkki by Lovi, Lepo Product, Nikari, Poiat Products, Secto Design, EVAVAARADESIGN, and Woodnotes. A warm invitation!