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Discoveries are made every day at T/abor: colorful, diverse, adaptable, breathable, associative, and coarse. These experiences are shared with visitors in an interactive framework at the exhibition HILARIOUS T/ABOR. Works in the field of tension of city and climate, society and consumption, production and ethics by CYKLUS, Grobian Wien, TUKOA, UNOs, and Stefanie Wuschitz are presented. While an installation from the project tree cycle lights up the sidewalk, the interior illustrates urban identities in the form of wallpaper and a materialized language feature. Furthermore, posture and stability with regard to sitting are discussed, and colors are dissected and shaped into jewelry.

CYKLUS: “Cocktail”

“Cocktail” is a seat brought alive by its variability in space. An L shape and two cuboids can be configured in various ways, thereby making a number of different sitting positions possible. The guests of HILARIOUS T/ABOR are invited to experiment with this piece of furniture and assume their own position. With the aid of a spotlight, the various silhouettes will be projected onto a screen and traced. The result will be a temporal and spatial diagram of body postures in space.


Grobian Wien: “Meidling L”

The Meidling L is a characteristic consonant that unavoidably stands for the raw, original Viennese character. As a purely phonetic element, it manifests itself in everyday speech – an immaterial cultural phenomenon that’s widely known but intangible. Why isn’t there a monument to this unique language feature? At the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, the answer will materialize in the form of a sculpture that meanders between coarse and smooth, not straightforward but multifaceted. The letter will find a place in the 12th district’s public space and be available there as a seat that establishes identity.




Everything around us has an obvious use: everyday objects, packaging, decoration, plants. When objects are uncoupled from their purpose, only their color remains. Visitors are invited to pulverize objects and take them home either as pigments or as individual jewelry created by TUKOA.


UNOs: “3 Dinge noch”

“3 Dinge noch” (“3 things more”) takes the slogans from Paris’s May 1968 and transposes them to a current context. The installative works provoke through their unspoken invitation to interaction. Whether or not the objects can be used isn’t clear. At the same time, this isn’t explicitly forbidden. How will the situation start to tip?


Stefanie Wuschitz: “Everyone I know”

People who view Stefanie Wuschitz’s drawings normally try to look for themselves. The drawings featurea multitude of characters we think we know or are. For the first time and exclusively for the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Wuschitz has created a wallpaper that anyone can buy. As part of the exhibition HILARIOUS T/ABOR, she will be drawing new wallpaper for you live.




A tree parks rather than a car. A modular construction set of recycled industrial containers, “TREE CYCLE” adapts to various conditions in the urban space. Oases are created quickly and simply. As part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, the cube pulsing green and red will illustrate how much CO2 an average tree filters out of the air and converts into oxygen. A signal for more trees and fewer paved-over surfaces in the urban space.