Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob
Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob
Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob

Guest Country



Finnland-Institut in Deutschland

1.10.2019, 5pm

The extensive Finnish Guest Country exhibi­tion WILD AT HEART at the Festival Headquarters in the Althan Quartier sees itself as a curated composition of new materials, form, and techniques, as a noteworthy and experimental cross section that visualizes the approaches of a veritable design nation. The textile designs by Klaus Haapaniemi and the Finnish brand Lapuan Kankurit are also part of this playful showcase. The former are charac­terized by their fantastic imagination, while the latter showcase Finland's close connection to nature. The panelists from Finland and Austria will consider the role sustainability and the connection to nature and cultural heritage play for them.

With: Klaus Haapaniemi (Designer), Jaana Hjelt (Lapuan Kankurit), Stephanie Klaura (fabricfabrik)

Moderation: Laura Hirvi (The Finnish Institute in Germany), Gabriel Roland (VIENNA DESIGN WEEK)

Language: English