Stefan Oláh

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rauminhalt_harald bichler

2.10.2019, 7pm

Curated by Ulrike Matzer, the gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler presents from 12.9. to 12.10. for the first time ever an impressive cross section of the varied oeuvre of Stefan Oláh in a solo exhibition. The journey will take visitors into unfamiliar micro- and macrocosms that pose new and exciting questions about Austrian design and architecture through their juxtaposition. Oláh is one of the most important Austrian photographers of our time. His works capture  architectural structures and sensitize the gaze for previously unnoticed, undervalued, or gradually disappearing aspects. Furthermore, Oláh is always
careful to ensure that he reproduces the objects in his camera’s focus as  realistically as possible, consciously dispensing with photographic effects.

Talk with: Ulrike Matzer (Curator), Walter Moser (Curator of photography, Albertina), Stefan Oláh (Photographer)

Exhibition until 12.10.