with Drechsler Hermann Viehauser

Studio Sain


It’s a feast for the eyes, watching the swiftly rotating wood as it literally melts away under a skillfully operated lathe, leaving an elegantly rounded form behind. As one of the last of his trade in Austria, Hermann Viehauser knows the satisfaction of woodturning. He possesses the age-old skills for what has sometimes been described as the craft of kings, which he learned from his father. Watching as the forms are created is something that Namuun Zimmermann and Martijn Rigters enjoy. Having formed Studio Sain in Vienna, they know how to create highly aesthetic objects from the material just as well as shape social processes. But where do the formal worlds of the young designers and those of the experienced craftsman meet? Fascinated by the dynamism and precision that distinguish Viehauser’s work at the interface of ornament and function, Studio Sain captures these qualities in objects.