with Glas Bauer


Plastic palms, pastel lettuce leaves, a car radio, a greenish chunk of glass – the set pieces used by the Finnish designer Teemu Salonen in his works seem to come from the most remote nooks of everyday life. Frequently set in hand-shaped connecting pieces, these found objects are on the one hand parts of paradox scenarios and on the other objects of daily use.
A similar bridge at a completely different place is created by Reinhard Bauer: The master glazier runs a small business in the center of Vienna. People come to him when a window’s broken or they need new glass for a picture frame. This is the same Reinhard Bauer who, far from modern daily life, keeps alive the medieval technique of producing lively, colorful windows from small pieces of glass and lead dividers. The Passionswege set the goal of discovering the worlds that would be created when these two men work together, both in their own way removed from and at the same time linked to the present. That kind of bridge is to the taste of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.

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